Investment In Affordable Housing Agreement

“In 2017, our government launched the National Housing Strategy, an ambitious 10-year plan worth more than $55 billion. Through partnerships like this one, between the federal, provincial and territorial governments, we will increase housing for the most vulnerable people in our country. The signing of this agreement demonstrates our commitment to working with the Quebec government to preserve and create affordable housing for Quebec. “Funding for investment in affordable housing (IAH) is provided through bilateral agreements between the CMHC and all provinces and territories. Under these agreements, provinces and territories publicly report on progress in achieving expected investment outcomes using agreed indicators. Below are copies of the CMHC provincial/territorial agreements, as well as links to provincial and territorial public information on the outcome of the IAH agreement. Quebec Housing CorporationThe Quebec Housing Corporation, a leader in housing, is dedicated to meeting the housing needs of Quebec citizens by providing affordable and low-cost housing and by offering a series of assistance programs to support the construction, renovation and adaptation of homes and access to property. In addition, the SHQ encourages the development of partnerships with communities, cooperation between industry players and innovation. To learn more about its activities, visit These agreements between the governments of Alberta and Canada help provide affordable housing in Albertan Quebec, October 6, 2020 /CNW/ – The Canadian and Quebec governments announce an agreement that will lead to a combined investment of nearly $3.7 billion over 10 years to improve housing conditions for many households in need in Quebec. Provincial and territorial investments in affordable housing and reported results. “Housing has always been a priority for our government. As Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, I am proud that we have reached an agreement that helps thousands of families in Quebec and meets the needs expressed by municipalities.