Michigan Tech Roommate Agreement

If you believe that since the date you signed your contract, you have a significant and unexpected change in a medical, financial or mitigating circumstance, you can apply for marketing authorization. A devotional committee meets once a month to review contract-sharing applications. A letter of explanation is required. Documentation is required to clearly demonstrate the change that occurred. A $300 fee is charged for all authorized exemptions. Daniell Heights residents are responsible for finding their own roommates (tenants) upon request. The loss of a roommate is not considered a major change to merit contract authorization. The Convention on Community Standards is an opportunity for members of the Assembly to develop their own standards by specifying, continuing, defining or exceeding the standards set by the university. The agreement is a living document written by the members of the house at the beginning of the year and revised at the beginning of the spring semester. This process allows residents to jointly assume responsibility and responsibility for common standards.

It is also a tool to offer residents a way of contributing to their living environment. The final specimen is legally binding and is signed by all occupants of the house and exhibited in the house. Residents may have overnight stays every night of the week, provided: (1) obtain permission from their roommate, (2) register their guest at the lobby reception and (3) inform their resident assistant (RA). You must bring a guest registration card at all times. Visitors should not be confused with visits (see visitation policy). Although the tasks of roommates are carefully performed, it is possible for residents to request a change of assignment of the rooms. If a resident wishes to change the allocation of space, the first point of contact should be their resident assistant (RA). The change of room at the beginning of each semester will be delayed by about two weeks to find out the exact job offers. Room change is not allowed during the last two weeks of each semester. In the event that residents consider moving due to conflict, every effort will be made to help resolve their conflict. It is important to have a face-to-face meeting where all roommates can communicate their concerns. The roommates should review the agreements they reached at the beginning of the year to discuss the changes to be made.

RAs and RECs are available to assist in these conversations. If the dispute is not resolved, the resident assistant will receive a room exchange card from his superior. After the authorization, a room exchange card is given to the occupier and swap procedures are described. Online cohabitation for new students is available from May 1 to 31 for the next fall semester. Students who agree to be roommates are assigned to the rooms in front of students who do not correspond as roommates. New students who cannot find a roommate game online will receive rooms depending on when we receive your application. You are encouraged and it is in your best interest to submit your housing application as soon as possible in order to increase your likelihood of obtaining your housing preferences. If your first housing preference is used in the allocation, your other housing preferences will continue to be taken into account by the accommodation staff when allocating the space. If you lose your scheduled roommate before the start of the fall semester, you will be connected to other students who have also lost planned roommates.