Bolt Agreement

10.1. You acknowledge and consent that we provide a service in the information society and that we do not provide transportation services. By providing the Bolt platform and Bolt services, we are a marketplace that connects passengers to drivers to help them get around cities more efficiently. You acknowledge that you provide transportation services to passengers on the basis of a transportation contract and that you deliver transportation services as an economic and professional activity, either independently or through a company. Bolt, as the operator of Bolt App, acts as the drivers` sales agent for the intermediation of contracts between the driver and the passenger, and thus takes, among other things, passenger payments and manages payments to the driver. 10.2. You acknowledge that no employment contract or employment relationship has been or will be established between you and us. You also recognize that there is no joint venture or partnership between you and us. They must not act as collaborators, representatives or representatives of us, nor should they commit a contract for us.

If you are considered one of our collaborators under mandatory laws or otherwise, you agree to waive any claim against us that may result from such a tacit working relationship. 10.3. You cannot transfer your rights and obligations under the Terms and Conditions or Agreement to a third party. 16.1 For more details on how Bolt and Bolt Operations collect, store, reveal and process your personal data, see our Bolt privacy policy: 3.3.11 You acknowledge that Bolt processes your personal data in accordance with Bolt`s privacy policy on the site ( (see item 16 of these terms of conduct for more information); and 6.2 Each travel booking you choose at your discretion via the driver app constitutes a separate and separate agreement regarding the provision of this trip by you to the Passenger, each of which takes effect from the date on which you agree to make the travel booking provided by Bolt via the driver app. You acknowledge that Bolt only provides the software service to facilitate travel bookings and assignments to drivers. 14.1. Bolt reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time by downloading the revised version from its website ( and notifying you (for example. B via email, Bolt application or Bolt Driver Konto) if such changes are significant according to bolt. 14.2. Bolt must inform at least 15 days in advance (e.g. B via email, Bolt app or Bolt Driver account) changes affecting the rights of professional users operating in the Member State, except: 14.2.1.