Reval Agreement

3.2. The club membership fee is set for the academic year (annual tax) and the membership fee can be paid in the form of periodic payments during the year. A member of the sports club has the option to close an online electronic invoice with the bank for regular payment or to pay a periodic cash payment to the sports club`s cash register. Afghanistan was less of a trading partner of Russia, but there were concerns about the border in terms of crime, refugees and disease. This was the area on which there had been the longest disagreement between Great Britain and Russia. For Britain, Afghanistan was synonymous with access to India. 41 Spring Rice to Grey, April 11, 1907, bd, IV, 450-3. Spring Rice was convinced of the futility of the agreements with Russia during his residency in St. Petersburg, 1903-6. In numerous letters to the Roosevelts, he expressed his view on the futility of trying to engage Russia through a written treaty. To facilitate the situation in Persia, Britain and Russia discussed dividing them “into three zones. The agreement they wanted would attribute the North, including Isfahan, to Russia; in the south-east, particularly Kerman, Sistan and Balochistan to Great Britain; and delineate the rest of the country between the two powers as a “neutral zone.” The division of Persia strengthened the control of the great power over these respective territorial and economic interests in the country and allowed an invented intrusion into the Persian political system.

With foreign influence, the revolution was overtaken by a combination of European and monarchist activities. As a result, the Persians learned that the two neighbors were dangerous by putting aside their rivalries. [12] In 1907, Britain and Russia signed an agreement regulating their economic and political interests. 7.1. The contract is concluded for one season (September-May). As far as Iran is concerned, the agreement recognized the country`s strict independence and integrity, but then divided it into three distinct zones. The agreement called the entire north of Iran, which entrusted Russia`s ownership in Transcaucasus and Central Asia, exclusively as a sphere of influence for Russian interests. The northern zone was defined as beginning at Qasr-e Shirin in the west, on the border of the Ottoman Empire, and through Tehran, Isfahan and Yazd to the eastern border, where the borders of Afghanistan, Iran and Russia intersected. 5.1. The parties communicate as soon as possible the essential facts of the implementation of the agreement.

5.2. Notification of termination or termination of the contract must be submitted in writing (written statement, e-mail). [13] [14] [15] Iranian nationalists, in particular, felt poisoned by Britain, a country they had considered a democratic beacon during the constitutional revolution.