Stamping Of Lease Agreement In Qatar

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME), represented by the Department of Information Systems, has announced the establishment of an online service for registering and documenting real estate leases on its website. Not 100% sure that you can register the lease yourself, but the state fee would be 1% of the annual rent. 4. In the case of a legal entity for the lessor or tenant (name of the company indicated in the current rental agreement): copies of the valid computer card, commercial registration and commercial license. We did it for our office rental at the AMWAL tower, the owner checked it in and they paid the fee, not us (leasee). Once the contracts are signed, the lessor must declare a copy of the agreement to the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Agriculture. She explained that the procedures for registering and certifying real estate rents were characterized by increased demand and the applicant`s personal presence at municipal real estate registrars. In addition, the stacks of documents were quite heavy for the applicants. The service currently covers property-related contracts, but in the next phase, several contracts will be included in a transaction. Under the new Lease Registration Act, the lessor must register the lease within two months of the lease agreement at the Real Estate Lease Contracts Office – Doha Municipality. All current contracts must comply with the legal provisions within three months. The Office of Real Estate Leases collects an annual registration fee of 0.5% of the annual rental value of the premises, with a minimum of 250 QAR and a maximum fee of 2500 QAR. To obtain your family visa, your lease must be registered with the municipality.

In “theory,” it is the owner/owner to register the agreement. In reality, many homeowners do not and there is a whole series of real estate for which this is not possible. All the villas that have been shared, I do not think it is possible to register the agreement, because it will be done unofficially. Hello under new rules for the family visa, we have to stamp our rental contract, someone else knows the fees required for them, as I heard it is around 3000 riyal? The fee is 1% of the annual rent, as long as you register within one month of the start of the tenancy agreement. Delays are calculated on different plates. The landlord must also pay the corresponding registration fee, which represents one per cent of the annual rent, and must expect a fine if he does not do so within 30 days of signing the lease. 6. Copy of the power to der-dered powers for the signing of the lease (if any). We can register the lease ourselves, as long as we have all the documents available. I did it recently.

Even though it is the owner`s responsibility to register, most of them have the attitude I don`t care if you want, do it to pay you out of pocket. Hamda Abdulaziz Al Maadheed, Director of the Information Systems Department, confirmed that the launch of the new service was part of the ministry`s ongoing efforts to develop electronic services for the convenience of people available anytime and anywhere that would be achieved in record high-quality time. 5. A copy of the identification of the authorized signatory who is informed as a signatory in a computer card or to whom the power is made available (in the case of a company).