Research Grant Agreement Template

Funding restriction: As with all fixed-price research agreements, research grants over $100,000 require review and approval by the Office of Sponsored Programs prior to submission. counter-parties; Original. This grant agreement, including any changes made, can be executed in return, which together constitutes a grant agreement. Copies of this grant agreement are as binding as the originals and counter-signatures faxed or scanned and sent by e-mail are sufficient for the execution of the evidence, although the university may require you, the recipient, to provide original signed documents. the use of subsidies. Subsidies can only be used for the project in the manner prescribed by the project. Any unaffected or unaffected grants related to the end of the funding period must be immediately returned to the university. Any change in the budget cost category of more than 10% must be approved in writing by the university in advance. You cannot use the grants to reimburse the costs incurred before the start date. Compensation. You agree to compensate, defend and maintain the university in the utmost respect by law for any liability, loss and expense (including reasonable legal fees and fees) or claims for injuries or damages resulting from the acts or omissions of you or one of your officers or those resulting from it. , agents, employees, subcontractors, contractors or subcontractors with respect to the subsidy.

You agree that all of the university`s project-related activities, such as the proposed revision or proposed amendments to the project, would not alter or apply the university`s rights under this paragraph. Careful. The university has the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or suspend financial aid or to suspend payment if (a) the university is not sufficiently satisfied with your progress in the project; or (b) significant changes in leadership or other changes that the university believes are likely to threaten; or (c) not complying with a condition or condition of this grant agreement. In the event of termination, you agree, at the request of the university, to immediately return to the university all unspent and un engaged funds (at the time of termination) that were previously distributed to you by the university for the project. During the duration of this grant agreement, you must comply with all applicable laws, statutes, regulations, regulations and codes when carrying out your project obligations, including the United States.