Unite Learning Agreement

Over the years, our highly motivated team has worked closely with union representatives and has built strong relationships with employers and training providers, supported by apprenticeship agreements. Thousands of members have been able to improve their personal skills and qualifications through a series of courses and improve their long-term employability. The unit team for lifelong learning is also very proud to develop the membership retention strategy for the benefit of our members and our union. Alongside the training offer to workers, we also focus on expanding their skills and knowledge to use wit in the community. This allows more people to access education through flexible programs, removes barriers to learning and helps local communities develop new skills. If you would like to commit to a flexible educational program, talk to a member of the Unit for Lifelong Learning team, who can advise and advise you on the possibilities. Kenny Barron, Director of Lifelong Learning and Education “The agreement will allow our employees to learn unite to build on their work, which helps provide important learning opportunities for Aviva employees,” he added. “Unite firmly believes that this learning agreement offers important opportunities for individual development and growth. An indispensable consideration for all those who want to change their lives by learning. The FLT has enabled workers to access an innovative range of learning activities in an innovative way, with the help of special LROs. The ULF projects have strengthened unions` engagement with employers by creating learning centres in the workplace and signing apprenticeship agreements, including ensuring that employers are committed to the government`s promise of skills. Gill Pearson, Regional Learning Manager for North East Yorkshire and Humber (NEYH), also welcomed the agreement that will enable thousands of employees to make a real and lasting difference in their lives.

“Improving existing skills and acquiring new skills for staff and members of this agreement are opportunities. The Union Learning Reps (ULRs) hires learners who are also difficult for suppliers to reach. It is one of the most important contributions of trade unions to the learning and skills agenda. LROs provide support and advice to learners throughout their learning journey. It is important to note that support is ongoing. “I certainly found it much easier and much more enjoyable to learn in this way, and I found the support of the Brilliant Assessor, as he often questioned my assumptions and made me aware of what I was learning.” Ade Carter is an Aviva employee who has completed Level 5 adult training as part of Unite`s Apprenticeship Program. The Union Learning Fund (ULF) was established in 1998 to promote union action towards the goal of creating a learning society. Its primary objective was to develop the capacity of trade unions and the Union Learning Representative (ULRs) to work with employers, workers and learning providers to promote better use of learning in the workplace. In a major step forward for Unite and its relationship with Aviva, the union and the company have jointly developed an apprenticeship agreement that gives employees the opportunity to acquire skills and advance their careers.