One of my employers said if I was cloneable probably they would invest s#I@t loads of money into it.. Others say one of me is far enough for this entire world. Anyways sometimes as I feel even 24 hours a day is not enough to carry out my ideas and plans and I wish I had at least 3 or 4 twin brothers with the same abilities to help me out. :))
Some facts.. I’m an arty person and mainly a graphic designer on daily basis (if I want to be honest) since I’m able to hold a pencil in my hand. Started drawing in my early ages. It was not in question that I’ll carry on with this later in my life. After so many competitions and exhibitions decided to start studies in the relevant fields. Graduated as an art teacher and a qualified graphic designer, also gained experience in interieur design and home decoration. Thank to my professional art teachers I improved my knowledge in fine art techniques and learned the essential basics of fine art such as art anatomy, art history and how to apply them in my work. During this time I was exposed to a variety of graffiti and street art too. This form of cultural expression and art along with music deeply affected my way.
Visited several European countries, California, Mexico, and the Caribbeans to enrich my knowledge of art and the cultures in those regions. My style is probably a result from all these experiences in life traveling, interest in other cultures and the contrast between past and present.

I hope you enjoy your tour on my website,
thank you for your time,
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